Facts About HTML 5 That You Don’t Know

Introduction to HTML5 – Hello My Tutorial Website Friends.

Before we enter the discussion about HTML 5, the function of HTML 5, and all about HTML, all of you will already know what HTML is, yeah! HTML is the abbreviation of HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE, then we grouped it to be easy in its translation.

Introduction to HTML5
Introduction to HTML5

Hyper Text means active text, meaning here is a text that has an ability that is this text can be connected between the text of a page with other page text.

Markup Language is an explanation that explains that this HTML document is compiled by a Tag markup tag and each tag in HTML describes a different document content command.

What is the function of HTML?

HTML is the basic technology used to create the basis of a web page by linking text / links between pages, providing structure and sharing information related to a web page.

Do you know why HTML can bring up images, videos, audio, and attractive web views, it is because JavaScript is added as animation, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as the make-up or style.

Some features added in HTML5?

  • New Semantic Elements: This is like the <header>, <footer>, and <section> elements.
  • Forms 2.0: Improvements to the HTML web form where the new <input> tag has been introduced.
  • Persistent Local Storage: To eliminate dependency on third-party plugins.
  • WebSocket: A generation of the latest two-way communication technology for web applications.
  • Server-Sent Events: introduce events that flow from the web server to a web browser called Server-Sent Events (SSE).
  • Canvas: This supports two-dimensional surface images that can be programmed with JavaScript.
  • Audio & Video: You can embed / embed audio or video on your web pages without using third-party
  • Geolocation: Visitors can choose to share their physical location with your web application.
  • Microdata: This lets you create your own vocabulary outside of HTML5 and expand your web pages with semantics costumes.
  • Drag and drop: Drag and drop items from one location to another on the same web page.

Some features that are removed in HTML5? 

  • Acronym: Defines the acronym / function of this tag more or less the same as the <abbr> tag
  • Applet: Used to insert java files into HTML documents
  • Basefont: Make default text attributes, such as color, size, font type for all text in the document
  • Big: Increase the text size by one point from the default
  • Center: For centering text or image
  • Dir: Defines a directory listing
  • Font: Defines the font type, color and size for text
  • Frames: Defines frames in frameset
  • Frameset: Defines a set of frames
  • Noframes: If the user’s browser does not support frames
  • Strike: To center the text / cross out text, the function of this tag is the same as the <del> tag
  • Tt: Defines teletype text

Maybe the explanation above is enough to know the changes in HTML5 and in previous HTML, Friends.

Hopefully this article is useful for all friends!

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